Welcome to Classic Frock!

Classic Frock is a clothing brand for lovers of Classic Rock music.

About Us

Classic Rock is a clothing brand which designs clothing for fans of Classic Rock music. 

We focus on specific genres and bands and we introduce new ideas and clothing ranges in line with what our customers want - watch out for our occasional poll on the home page asking you to suggest the next Band we want to focus on.

Classic Frock Production Process - Garment Printing

What we Make

Our designs can be found on T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Caps Tops and Dresses. Some designs also extend to gift items such as Mugs and even Phone Cases.

Our key focus however is to be unique and to connect the wearer of our clothing to the band of their choice with something that will be a talking point. 

Classic Frock - About Us - T-Short coming off the printer

Where we Ship

Our products are delivered Worldwide via our distribution network in Europe and the USA, so you can expect fast delivery almost anywhere in the World - although just remember, we're not talking Amazon Prime speed here LOL

Our Story

How were we founded? Well like every good idea it started with a few drinks down the local pub. 

Whilst listening to the excellent rock cover bands who performed that afternoon / evening we chatted about some of the awesome T-shirts that our fellow attendees were wearing, many of which were from Tours by Classic Rock bands of the past. 

Our favourite T-shirts though were the unique ones, the ones that made us laugh and the ones that said "Wow" that IS a fan!  I wanted a T-shirt like that! But I couldn't find them.

And so the seed of an idea was sown...

We needed a name of course and after many brainstorming sessions and name ideas (Mahontoo anyone? - I kid you not, that was our first idea) we stumbled across a great little pun - "Classic Frock" - a play on the genre "Classic Rock", but with Frock being a good historical name for loose fitting clothing - it was a good fit (you see what we did there!)

Please go ahead and browse through our Store - we hope you like what you see, but if you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a shout out on our contact page.

Classic Frock Logo

Rock On!